Project Unison: Mirador de la Memoria

Project Unison: Mirador de la Memoria

“Humans try to be happy, but their happiness reminds me of dystopian stories. But in this story there are neither scary tyrants nor vicious robot uprisings. Instead, the author uses a much scarier monster – unreliable memory. Whether it is dementia, selective (eu(epi)genics-like) and/or therapeutic memory inhibition, or dream inception and manipulation, a woman/man is bound to confront her/his identity. […]”

read full review by Dr Dragana Favre on Swiss Archives of Psychiatry and Neurology

A neuroscience-fiction novel

An amnesic affective neuroscientist, a wannabe writer and a majordomo robot. A nonlinear story of an almost accomplished quest to conquer the fabric of the human experience – emotions.

In bookstores November 20, 2018.



“Happiness is after all, just a brain state.” This statement takes Emma Printemps by surprise when she first interviews Dr Paulina Kochanowska, an aging affective neuroscientist and victim of her own inventions. Paulina is on house arrest, having been accused of ethical misconduct for experimenting with holographic human memory transfer.

To fix the puzzling epidemic of human loneliness, Paulina together with a group of neuroscientists, tried to unite the experiences from several brains in one supercomputer emulation in Ticino in a secret venture—Project Unison.

But now, imprisoned in her Geneva home and awaiting the verdict, Dr. Paulina decides to confess her lifetime accomplishments to the young biography writer. They race against time to save her autobiographic memory from oblivion and uncover the truth about the algorithms inside her most brilliant neuroinvention—the mysterious affective companion robot Salvatore.

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