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All the Gods

All the Gods

Panta rei, powracam jak słońce,

Które ponoć kiedyś słabiej świeciło.

Od przemian i wina bolące

Brzucho z wydętym pępkiem

oddycha przeze mnie podziemie.

I czasem tylko wybucham

źródłem uzdrawiającym,

aby się nigdy nie powtórzyło

zaćmienie historii bierzącej.

Peloponez, 06.2020

Decision Slam

Decision Slam

Time to be nobody

And celebrate my screen death

And flow in freemium existence 

With no destination.

Nothing obliges more than

Life force calling to express

Its wilderness:

Like porcelain woodwork

I pour you into a quantum atomic mold

And let you dry to reveal the true colors

Terracotta germinates the seeds for

White magnolia petal skin of my lover

While I compose on drums

I never learned to coordinate

Left and right hands and brains.

Do you see now?

That beauty emerges only sometimes

And always from labored randomness

Even odd numbers have beauty in them

I choose to be nobody

And recline back to the pre-definition

Of infinite pluripotency

And allopoiesis 

Closer to essence and closer to where?

I am no-thing, no-body

I am before all that

I create and let die.

Death to the screens, I say!

Robots can’t feel, can’t see.

And am I not a soft-shelled intelligent creation of the DNA lab?

The beauty hides in the details

That we don’t yet understand

And mysteries revealed turn to temporary truths

We hold on to for lack of certainty

 why? It is what it is.

There’s beauty in multitude of wrinkles and branches the older the tree

Today be nobody.

You don’t have to work so hard

Let it happen to you

Brain makes memories even when you sleep

And stars shine brighter without us.

Go bathe in the blooming flowers until your eyes water

In allergic tears and

Let them be!